Twenty-Three Approaches

I used a variety of healing approaches throughout my journey with Lyme Disease. Some dealt with healing the illness directly, while others were more geared towards helping me relax and keep a positive attitude throughout my recovery. I believe everyone’s healing journey is different and that healing encompasses mind, body, and spirit. I encourage you to research and seek out options that resonate with you.


1 Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (“LLMD”). Having the guidance of a doctor familiar with Lyme Disease was extremely helpful.
2 Naturopathic Physician. I found working with a naturopath vital to my recovery process.
3 Antibiotics. While antibiotics weren’t the only part of my treatment, I wouldn’t have been able to recover without them.
4 Herbs.  Find a naturopath to help guide you through herbs that may be of benefit to you. Also, see the Resources tab. Stephen Buhner’s books have a lot of great information.
5 Homeopathic Remedies. Find a naturopath to help guide you through herbs that may be of benefit to you. Also, see the Resources tab. Stephen Buhner’s books have a lot of great information.
6 Rife Machine Treatments
7 Vitamins and Supplements. Your LLMD or naturopath can help you find vitamins and supplements that may help. My body was under a lot of stress throughout my recovery. I particularly benefited from vitamins and supplements geared toward supporting my adrenal glads, liver, and lymphatic systems.
8 Essential oils
9 Traditional Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. I found the Ayurvedic practice of “oil pulling” to be a great natural whole-body detox method and noticed whiter teeth and improved oral health.
10 Sound therapy
11 Lymphatic drainage
12 Massage
13 Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Reflexology
14 Myofascial release / Integrative Manual Therapy
15 Exercise. I have found gentle yoga and rebounding (see #21) to restore my balance and coordination helpful. I have also found working with a personal trainer for one-on-one strength training beneficial in my recovery. The expertise of a knowledgeable personal trainer is priceless.
16 Dietary changes and clean eating. I invested in a Vitamix halfway through my recovery and found it extremely helpful in enhancing my nutrient intake. See the Resources tab for more recommendations.
17 The MELT Method by Sue Hitzmann. See the Resources tab for more information.
18 Network chiropractic treatments
19 Epsom salt baths / Himalayan Salt Therapy
20 Emotional and spiritual support. Meditation, yoga, inspirational reading and programs in spiritual development helped me cope with the emotional undercurrents of chronic illness. See the Resources section for more on this.
21 Infrared sauna
22 Castor oil packs
23 Rebounding. More simply known as jumping on a mini trampoline, this form of exercise has worked wonders on my body…so much so that it deserved its own space on the list! I wish I had started sooner in my recovery!